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Streamline Your Meeting & Event Process

Streamline Logistics

Create a more efficient workflow and reduce the planning cycle time by automating many of the typically manual tasks team's traditionally deal with.

Delight Your Attendees

Implementing Aventri will allow you to optimize each event touchpoint. Gaining more time to focus on improving attendee satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Increase Visibility

Better identify your full meeting spend and return with real-time reporting that can easily be shared with stakeholders.

Data Protection & Privacy

Aventri offers customers 3 different cloud hosting locations to increase speed, data security and compliance with enterprise policies.
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Develop A Branded Experience With Ease

Setting up your next sales meeting or global kick-off can be a breeze with Aventri's suite of products that allow you to create a fully branded experience for your attendees. 

  • Create a customizable mobile event app to inform and engage attendees throughout your entire meeting. Give your attendees access to view their personal agendas, read speaker bios, message, and much more.
  • Turn your in-person, virtual or hybrid events into a memorable experience by offering innovative attendee networking that will expand your audience and bring more people together.
  • Deliver an online experience that will keep your attendees up to date and help them register for your meetings and events with a dynamic mobile-responsive website.
  • Provide all the tools that are necessary to facilitate quality conversations and enable subject matter experts (sales reps) to connect face-to-face virtually with event attendees by leveraging Aventri's digital lead capture tool complete with integrated chat and lead qualification.
  • Speed up attendee check-in  and processing with our variety of badges that can be scanned via NFC, QR, BLE, or UHF technology, and control traffic flows with a variety of access control hardware including tap n' go pods, table top readers or handheld devices.
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Gain Visibility and Control Of Logistics

Align your meetings, conferences, and events with the overall goals of the company through strategic insights and oversight gained from SMM Tools. 

  • Create tasks, assign ownership, and develop timelines that provide an overview of your event and help you measure progress. 
  • Manage meeting approval controls to optimize planning efficiency and improve compliance.
  • Provide clarity and enhanced collaboration to all stakeholders, from your internal team to your external vendors.
  • Control spend with real-time insights into your meetings budget and easily predict future event costs to help make smarter decisions.
  • Simplify the process of booking venues and deliver visibility into total meeting spend with strategic venue sourcing that enables you to send eRFPs and complete bids fast!

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Make Smarter Data Driven Decisions

Ensure you are on track with achieving your company objectives, KPI, and spending allocations. 

  • Reduce manual work by directly pushing Aventri Data into your CRM and marketing automation databases featuring integrations with Salesforce and Marketo.  Aventri's software ensures that pushed data is cleaned when exported.
  • Easily sync and manage attendee travel, hotel and expenses in one seamless, organized workflow with Concur and GetThere.
  • Measure and analyze the number of meetings scheduled and completed and share important KPIs with the rest of your team using visual dashboards displaying essential metrics.
  • Understand which sessions, exhibitors, sponsors, speakers, and more had the greatest impact on your attendees. Know exactly which conversations turned into qualified opportunities, so that you can drive revenue and engagement at events.
  • Aventri has documented policies on how we keep your data safe and utilizes state of the art practices on data management, privacy and security. Aventri proactively offers tools like data purge and data queries to help ease the burden on an organization’s entire ecosystem and workflow.
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Ensure a Smooth Meeting Process

Aventri's Professional Services will build your entire meeting or event process starting with your registration site to helping you onsite printing badges.

  • Give attendees a truly customized experience by utilizing our professional services team. Our trained professionals will help you discover the full bandwidth of the Aventri platform.
  • Receive 24/7 support anywhere in the world, on any Aventri product or service from our dedicated support teams.
  • Build out event and registration sites, create surveys, and develop a mobile app all with Aventri's help
  • Speed up check-in and badging with assistance from an onsite support specialist.
  • Experienced event strategy consultants deliver valuable data and analytics that will help support event goals and drive future decision-making.

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